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Kiwi Syslog Service Manager could not receive log from Solarwinds Log Forwarder

Server OS: Windows server 2016

Client OS: Windows 10 pro build 1511

Kiwi syslog service manager: Licensed 9.6

Kiwi syslog message generator: v2.2

Solarwinds event log forwarder: v1.2

Firewall status: both server and client are off.

I'm trying to use Solarwinds event log forwarder to forward client's event logs to server's syslog manager through TCP, but nothing shows up (Ports and IP address are done correctly). Activating license was my last resort, but result doesn't change.

I then tried using Kiwi syslog message generator, message finally received by syslog manager but after every one message was sent, TCP connection is constantly being cut off. Tried sending messages using UDP too, turns out UDP does nothing at all, no message no nothing (Again, ports are fine).  Tried this method Kiwi Syslog Server service is halting regularly - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support , doesn't work. Tried reinstalling syslog manager, no luck.

I tried to install Splunk on the server pc, and I managed to connect successfully with client's pc through TCP, which means there were no issues with the ports and connection.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Level 9

Hi zhenle1994

Did you restart KSS service?

Please see my case:

Workaround for my case: To use UDP protocol.

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By KSS you mean Kiwi Syslog service? Yes, I do this all the time. UDP does not work at all, even using Kiwi Syslog message generator, whereas TCP works.

Update: I just downloaded the latest version which is Kiwi Syslog 9.6.7, TCP messages sent from Kiwi message generator does not being cut off anymore, but still could not receive log from client pc.

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