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KiWi Syslog Command Line Import

Does anyone know of a way to import/export rules to/from KiWi Syslog Server via command line or other means?

We have a very heavily utilized LEM with a "farm" of KiWi syslog servers sitting behind a load balancer.  When ever we change the rule on one KiWi server, we need to manually export the rule and import it to the KiWi servers.

We would like to find a way to script this, but we cannot find any relevant CLI options in the admin guide.  If anyone has done this or has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

If this is not possible, then would anyone find interest in a supporting a feature request to have a centralized management console for large deployments of KiWi syslog servers?


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KSS does not have CLI options, you know.

There is a method of automatically setting ini file.

Open Kiwi Console.

Help>Context based help

Search "Using an INI file to automatically configure the settings"


Using an INI file to automatically configure the settings

Normally the program settings are read from the registry when the program starts. If you want to modify the

settings remotely, you can place an special INI file in the install folder and it will be used to load the settings

from. This INI file can be copied to the folder from a remote machine if you want. The next time the program

starts, it will read the settings from the INI file and write them into the registry for next time. The special INI

file will then be deleted to indicate that the settings have been read. To stop the INI file from being deleted,

simply enable the Read Only file attribute for that file.

On start-up the program looks for a file named "LoadNewSettings.ini" in the install folder. (Normally C:

\Program files\Syslogd). If found, the settings are read from the INI file and placed in the registry under the

normal Syslogd registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolarWinds\Syslogd

The file is then deleted so that it won't be loaded again. The program then reads the settings from the registry

and starts as normal. The settings found in the INI file will have overwritten any existing registry settings.

The INI file can be any valid Kiwi Syslog Server INI file. To export settings use the File | Export menu or the

Defaults/Import/Export option from the setup screen.

The INI file is not meant to be modified by hand because it contains many encoded settings for the rules,

actions and filters. However, if you need to modify the settings manually to change drive letters (D: to C: for

example), this can be done with search and replace in notepad. Do not try to change any encoded strings as it

may cause unexpected results when the program tries to read the INI file back in.

If in doubt, contact for assistance.


Best Regards,

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This appears to be an option.  We should be able to script this.  Will give this a try, thanks!

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