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KIWI syslog server 9.7.0, SNMP Traps message not showing up

Hi all,

I am running in a situation which SNMP traps (V1/2/3) are not showing up in KIWI syslog server 9.7.0. I can detect SNMP receiving in wireshark and both the UDP input options for SNMP and syslogs are checked.

I am currently running KIWI on VM server 2016.

Is there anything that can be done?



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Is the windows firewall blocking them? Wireshark will see them even if they’re block by the windows firewall.

Also is the view that you’re using setup to show these?
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I had actually disabled the firewall to do the testing, to no success. Out of curiosity, will the SNMP fields affects the message from showing up. It is now default with all boxes checked?

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I have unchecked the SNMP field leaving message and SNMP version. Now the SNMP messages are showing up.

Not to sure if the SNMP field is affecting the result. But i am happy that it is working well now.