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Level 7

How to get version 3.3.15beta ..?


I need version 3.3.15beta, to get support for Junipers ScreenOS version 6.1.x and above

It's not possible to download fra Customers Area at

How do I get this version..?


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Level 18

FYI, to others watching this thread, I've responed to Stolze via email and dev has gotten him the beta to verify this works with his devices.

If you're interested in testing out the beta build, please shoot me an email.

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Is there another way to download an update? It's a bit annoying to have to fill in the register-your-name-to-download-a-free-version-of-CatTools page... It was much easier before.

Regards, LLS71

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If you're a registered user, we plan on having the beta available from the Kiwi support portal soon.  If you're a free tool user, you'll need to wait until this is generally available.

I'll check into the registration.  This should be cookied so that you only have to register once.  This might not be working from the website.   If you register and download from the website, you should only have to register once.

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