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How to filter out a message

I have a few routers with bad fans. We are not going to replace the routers & the error message occurs almost every minute from each of these devices. They appear to be "Error" messages.
I have a basket for "Level equals Error" and I put in a rule with this filter that says
"message text is not like %ENVMON-FAN-FAILED"

The ENVMON-FAN-FAILED messages continue to appear in the "Error" filter basket.
How can I ensure these messages are no longer seen in my "Error" filter and still be added to a different filter on the web console ?

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I would think that you would want to have a filter built like this with any other includes or excludes needed:


To make sure it is available for other rules to be allowed to display, make sure not to set the action of Stop processing message for this rule.



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