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How to Split Log Files by IP Address and Date in Kiwi Syslog Server

SolarWinds's own Justin Finley just recorded a video tutorial that shows how to split logs into multiple files by IP address and date in Kiwi Syslog Server.  Specifically, this syslog server tutorial shows how to store logs in separate folders for each source IP address, and then shows how to keep separate log files for each day within those folders.  (e.g., "D:\logs\\Log2012-07-13.txt")

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External link to Jing: autosplit - justinfinley's library

Video Guide:

  • 0:00 Opening Kiwi Syslog's configuration dialog
  • 0:15 Using an "AutoSplit" variable of "IP Address (4 octets)" (%IPAdd4) in the log path to split logs by IP address
  • 0:40 Using an "AutoSplit" variable of "ISO Date" (%DateISO) in the log path to split logs by date

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