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Event Log Forwarder guide?

So a few questions in regards to SolarWinds Event Log Forwarder... is there a guide for it other than the lacking help file?

Second, I'm running it on my DC's to forward some events from them however when I try to edit the Subscriptions it does not let me change them.

Running Server 2012r2, Event Log forwarder version

I could have sworn when i stood these up way back when i was able to adjust what they grab as far as which event type an even all of the other fields but for some reason I can't change or save the changes I am trying to make.

I've tried running as admin, stopping the service and neither resolves my issue.

Last, is there a way to change how often the logs are sent? I mean the interval the logs are forwarded seems to be every second which is great if i'm using kiwi for alerts but if i just want to store logs I'd rather get them every hour or day or some other interval that every second.

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