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Change the banner of Kiwi Syslog Web Access Console

Are there any posts or instructions on how to provide a custom banner for Kiwi sylog web access
(Essentially replace the existing banner)

I would prefer to have my company logo,, rather than the bird in the banner ?
Can it be done ?

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Not sure if there's any official documentation on this at all. My guess is no, but digging around in my Kiwi Syslog server it looks like the default logo is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Kiwi Syslog Web Access\html\img\login_banner.gif'. It's a 334 x 72 pixel, 8-bit GIF. In theory, you could just create your company logo into that size, then save it as a GIF and rename this file to login_banner.gif.bak, dropping your new logo in there as login_banner.gif. The web service may need to be restarted but I'm not sure...

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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