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Bad format from MAC Address

Hello ITs,

We are getting SNMP traps from differents WLC 2504 (Cisco Wifi Controller) to our Kiwi Syslog Server (version deployed on Windows Server 2012 64bits. The following problem it was discovered when we saw all MAC-addresses appears in bad format (see file attached below). We need to change the file format from cldcClientIPAddress.0 to Hex String. How can I change this field from "Messange Text"? I captured the SNMP trap and appears in well format.

Thanks you and best regards.

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I think that the display problem of MAC address was corrected in KSSv9.6.0.

Release notes:

Fixed issues

Kiwi Syslog Server 9.6 fixes the following issue:

Case numberDescription
870092, 907244, 916147, 916176, 921433SNMP traps are now forwarded without changes. In previous versions, the SNMP trap was converted to a string and forwarded as a syslog messages, which could result in MAC addresses being displayed incorrectly.

Would you like to try the latest version?

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Level 15

If you get a Wireshark capture, what format is the MAC address in?

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Level 7

We have the same problem as well.  Has this ever been resolved?  Very annoying.

I have verified with Wireshark that the snmp traps are beind received in tact with readable MAC addresses within the message.

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Level 7

Hello Bkyle,

Yes, it is the same format. I attach you a picture.


Best regards.

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We do have the same issue. There is any resolution for this?


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Level 15

Do you see the same format in the Kiwi console?

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