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failed to determine hostname

On a cisco device when I try to run cattools 3.3.17 I get a failed to determine hostname after logging on to device.  Any ideas whatsoever?  Thanks.

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I fixed it in mine by changing the device type from Cisco.Switch.IOS to Cisco.Router.General.



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What device is it and what CatTools device type have you selected?

If you can create a device capture for me I will look into the file to see if I can spot the problem. A device capture file records the communication between CatTools and the device you are having trouble with. You can create a device capture file as follows :

# Use the CatTools File menu to select the "Enable capture mode" option.
# Run the activity you are having trouble with. This should create a debug file in the \Debug folder.
# Zip up the resulting file and post it back here

Remember to deselect the "enable capture mode" option again and please ensure to **** out any sensative data in the capture.

Kind regards,


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I am having a similar issue with my Cisco switches running ios.  Ran debug and verified the issue is the login access process.  How do I adjust the login timeout values?

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I forgot to mention the error.  I receive this error in the report;

 Failed to determine hostname - timeout

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It's probably not timing out as such but because it's failing to determine the hostname will timeout after 30 seconds by default. Are you able to attach a copy of the debug log? **** out any sensitive data first.

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Is there a solution to this problem.  I'm having the same issue on all my Cisco devices while running the latest version of KIWI catools.

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i had the same problem connecting to a cisco 2960 switch

changed the 'device type' in the switch configuration section.

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