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Level 9

cisco small business modify config does not work

While running a Device.CLI.Modify Config job to modify the management access-list on Cisco SF-500 SmallBusiness  switches there are errors and waiting times:

Waiting for an echo of permit ip-source mask service snmp command

Waiting for an echo of <Ctrl-Z> command

Waiting for a response to: copy run start

The cli commands are tested manually and are OK, but appearantly cattools does not receive what it expects.

Using cattools 3.10.0 (Enterprise)

SWITCH#sh ver

SW version ( date  02-May-2013 time  14:56:31 )

Boot version ( date  23-Jul-2012 time  10:32:34 )

HW version    V02

SWITCH#sh system

System Description:                       24-Port 10/100 PoE Stackable Managed Switch

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Level 11

Normally, when commands are sent out, CatTools will wait for an echo of that command before proceeding. Some commands, however, will not produce an echo and so the activity will fail at this  point.

The %ctUM: EchoOff command will tell CatTools to send out any further commands in this activity without waiting for and echo.

I found the above document here:

Try to add this meta command before your list of commands and see if it helps.

Thanks, i will try that as a workaround.

Since these devices / activity / cattools version are formally supported and are "green" in the support matrix i would expect this to work without needing any workarounds.