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Which "Device" type to use in Cattools for Cisco s100v?

Hello team-

The goal is to use Kiwi CatTools to back up our Cisco s100v WSA webfilter proxy. We are able to SSH from within CatTools to the Webfilter successfully.

On the dropdown list in CatTools, the clickpath is:

Devices-> Chosen device right-click -> edit-> On Device info Tab under Device Type-> ______

***What is the Device type to select from the list?***

None of the choices appear to be a direct fit, and so far using a variety of device types have failed testing the back up. 

Have tried both SSH2 and Cisco SSH for the method, and have changed the passwords in the 2nd Tab for Passwords.

Running CatTools version 3.11.4

Cisco Webfilter version: AsyncOS 10.5.3 build 025

Screenshots available, and attached for review.

Any help is appreciated.


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I would recommend using the closest Cisco device, and using our Variations feature to tweak the commands being used.

Variations was the key- thanks bkyle!

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