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Waiting for an echo of telnet issue

All, I'm a newbe and I'm trying to obtain device backup configurations of all our netwrok equipment.  Due to NAT constaints I'm having to jump from one device to another to achive this.

Whilst I can manually open telnet to SWITCH1, enter the username & password, type "telnet" enter the username & password - no problems.

However I can't obtain a backup of using the activities with "Conect via:" set to "SWITCH1" (SWITCH1 backs up fine by the way).

The Info Log reports - "Waiting for an echo of telnet command" followed by "Failed to connect to remote host ("

The debug file shows :-

<NEWSESSION CatTools 3.6.0 11/12/2012 3:32:29 p.m.>


<DEVICE TYPE=AlliedTelesis.Switch.8000>

<ACTIVITY TYPE=Device.Backup.Running Config>

<ACTIVITY SCRIPT=C:\Program Files\CatTools3\Scripts\Client.Device.Backup.Running Config.txt>


<C OK 3:32:29 p.m.><R-3:32:29 p.m.>[13][10][13]<R-3:32:29 p.m.>[13][10]User Name:<W-3:32:29 p.m.>manager[13]<R-3:32:29 p.m.>manager[13][10][13]Password:<W-3:32:29 p.m.>123456[13]<R-3:32:29 p.m.>*<R-3:32:29 p.m.>*****[13][10][13][13][10]SWITCH2# <W-3:32:29 p.m.>[13]<R-3:32:29 p.m.>[13][10]<R-3:32:30 p.m.>[13][13]SWITCH2# <W-3:32:30 p.m.>telnet<R-3:32:30 p.m.>t<R-3:32:30 p.m.>elnet<W-3:32:30 p.m.>[13]<R-3:32:30 p.m.>[13][10]<R-3:32:30 p.m.>[13]<R-3:32:31 p.m.>[13][13][10][13][13][13][10]User Name:<R-3:33:00 p.m.>[13][10]<R-3:33:00 p.m.>[13]Connection to server closed[13][10]SWITCH2#


WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "% Connection refused by remote host"

WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "% Connection timed out"

WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "% Unknown command"

WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "... Open"

WFMDRetVal=5 Waiting for: " closed by foreign host"

WFMDRetVal=6 Waiting for: "... connected"

WFMDBuffer="telnet[13][10][13][13][13][10][13][13][13][10]user name:[13][10][13]connection to server closed[13][10]SWITCH2# "


I assume that this is because the telnet comes back as a 't' followed by 'elnet'.  It looks like the the telnet session actually connects as we read the username prompt, but CatTools doesn't go onto logging in etc.  From what I've researched a solution would be to use Utility Meta Commands:

"%ctUM: EchoOff" or "%ctUM:PauseTime xx" (SolarWinds CatTools)

I'm not sure where these commands should be used.  Could somebody point me in the right direction please?

Also if anyone has any other ideas on how to overcome this issue I'd appriciate that just as much.

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