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Strange output in Mikrotik Backup

Hi All,

We've purchased KiwiCattools to perform regular backups of our Mikrotik Routers.

Logging in and exporting goes without a problem however if we look at the exported files then there's some strange output.

The config file starts with the text below.

[admin@XXXX] >

[admin@XXXX] >                                                                

[admin@XXXX] > export verbose

[admin@XXXX] > export verbose

# dec/28/2017 16:11:14 by RouterOS 6.27

# software id = TI2W-S6JC


Is it possilble to remove this text so that the first line in the config starts after the third "#"

Thanks in advanced.

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Why do you need to remove it?

If it's for Compare reports then use ignore text See >>> SolarWinds CatTools


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