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Scheduled network configuration backup


I have configured the Cattools scheduler to perform a backup of my network equipment on weekly basis.  However, i noticed that it will only backup if there are changes to the configuration.  I would like it to backup the configuration regardless of whether there are changes.  How should I go about doing this?  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi thomasliau

The current config file generated by CatTools is updated with the most recent captured backup data regardless of whether the device config has changed or not.   Check the file dates on the current config file for the device to confirm.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for your response, I am wondering them why I did not receive an email for the backup?  I only receive email alert for those that have changes.  Any idea?

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On the options tab for the backup activity there is a checkbox 'Only notify by e-mail if configs have changed'

I think it's checked by default.

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Thanks! I found it!

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