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Password update in cattools database for specific user.


I have problem with mass expired password update in cattools database. I have about 1500 devices and different credentials in about 20% of them.

How to do mass password update only for specific user?

Only thing that comes to my mind is select by hand devices where is that user with expired pasword, but this is not elegant solution (in addition I have to do it every 30 days of password expiration).

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Please see this link:  Re: Bulk Device password change

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I was not understood.

It is not problem to bulk change passwords. I know this procedure.

Problem is that i have 1000 devices where user is XXXX and 300 devices where user is YYYY and 200 devices where user is ZZZZ. In DB.UpdateDevice.Password field activity i have only fields with new password. There is not field which will give effect "if device configured user is XXXX then change password to 12345, if device configured user is YYYY then change password to 32113".

The problem is: how to recognize and select/group devices where user is allready configured as XXXX and change password only for this devices.

As I think there is no in Cattools other possibility to change password for specific user, than go to DB.UpdateDevice.Password activity with manually selected in "Devices" lap only devices where user is already configured as XXXX.

If we have only few devices - it is to do, but if i have thousands, there is problem.

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Did you get an answer to this?

I have the same problem. We use RADIUS to log onto the switches, and now the AD user password has changed.

I have done this procedure before, and if I recall right, you have to to an export of the database.

Then you'll need to do a search/replace on the username / password fields, and then import the database again.


- Øystein

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Have you tried using a Device.CLI.Send commands activity.  You can set up three activities, and run them against the subset of devices that you need.

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I have purchased version of Cattools Enterprise.

Device.CLI.Send is for making changes on configuration in devices. I don't want to touch configuration on devices - they are owned by our client and i cannot make changes like that. We can only operate on Cattools database.

For sure - about 1000 devices are configured to use credentials via ACS sever, rest has local stored on device. Passowrd expires only on devices that using ACS for autorization, so we need only make update on database. But how to sort devices by user defined in database?

That was a helpful filter option in Devices lap where I can enter not only "Group", "Model", "Type", but "User" too.

Additional column "User" in Devices view will be helpfull too.

Other ideas?

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