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Level 7

Not Getting Emails for changed Backup Running Config

For some reason I stopped getting emails for changed Backup Running Configs.   I have a job that runs daily to check for changes in configs.  For some reason emails stopped.  The info log shows that "config has changed".  The config in the \Program Files\CatTools3\Configs\Default show updated configs, but there is no email.   

I thought maybe it was because I needed to upgrade from 3.2.17(enterprise) to new version 3.5, so I did.  Still not getting emails.   When I click the "test email" button, I get emails.  I don't get emails when configs change.

Can someone help?

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Level 9

Hi Tony

Could you please let me know how do you configure the  changed Backup Running Configs .




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Level 13

Hey TonyM--

I've marked this for the PM who will know if it's a known bug or not.

Also, are you familiar with the new release of CatTools? Check out this post for more information.

If it's a time critical issue, open a support ticket here.
Click Submit a Technical Support Ticket
In order to receive technical support, you will need to be current on your SolarWinds maintenance. Complete the form. You will not be able to upload your Orion diagnostics, but you will receive an email back that allows you to upload diagnostics.


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Hi Tony,

there is a kb article at the link below which outlines the most common items to check if you're not getting e-mails;


Kind regards,



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