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Netopia: Did not receive expected response to show name command

I use a modified Cisco script to collect configurations from Netopia ENT-series routers.   It works quite well, but I always get an error back that says "Did not receive expected response to show name command".

This is harmless, except that it results in error, which means that error tracking and notification can't be used, and I don't know when there are problems.

I've been through the script, but don't see any easy way to stop the error from occurring.

What can I do to eliminate this error?


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Hi wallewek--

If you don't get a quick response from the community, open a support ticket.


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If you enable debug capture, File|Enable Capture Mode, this will create a copy of the communication between CatTools and the Device and put it in the debug folder. This will show you what responses CatTools is waiting to see and what output the device is actually sending.

Hopefully this may put you on the right track but reading the debug files can be a bit of a black art. If it doesn't get you any further forward post the debug here and I'll have a look. (Make sure you **** any sensitive information before you post the debug.)




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