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Kiwi Cattools 3.9.1 config backup with Cisco

Dear community,

I am currently trying to configure Kiwi Cattools v3.9.1 (no Solarwinds support any more) to back up our Cisco devices' running config. The backup from some devices work without problem, from some other devices Kiwi cannot back up the config (routers and switches).

The network settings (routing, firewall rules etc) are correct because we use an additional type of activity (Device.CLI.Send.commands) with the affected devices which works properly.

When running a Device.Backup.Runinng.Config activity against the devices, two things happen:

- The activity finishes with the following error for all the specified devices and the config is not backed up at all:

     "Unable to log to Debug file. Error: Bad file name or number"

- The activity finishes without error, Kiwi confirms the backup with "Backup Running Config results: OK" for all specified devices, I see in the mail queue that the e-mail has been queued and contains an attachment (HTML report about the activity's result) but not all the configs have been backed up locally into the specified folder (C:/Shares) and the e-mail does not list all the devices as backed up. After enabling debug mode, I can see that Kiwi logs in to all the devices, backs up the configs and disconnects from the devices successfully, so it seems that the activity has been finished successfully but the config files from some of the devices are missing at the end.

At this point, I received the following error message for these devices:

     "Log to file error: Bad file name or numberC:\Program Files(x86)\CatTools3\ClientTemp\RunningConfig.[device_name].temp.txt"                         note: device_name is hidden in the message

The missing files are from the same devices until I change the name of the problematic devices in Kiwi. When that happens, Kiwi does not drop the previous error message any more for the device but does not bac kup the config at all.

I tried to change the hostname on one problematic device as well but it did not help -> no backed up config.

The Kiwi service has also been restarted, it did not help.

By now I could not find any solution on the web nor any reference to any Cattools bug.

Do you have any idea? Maybe some bug in v3.9.1? Do you know any solution?

Thank you for the help in advance.

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Try putting one of these devices in its own activity, and see if the activity runs.

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