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Kiwi CatTools and Checkpoint R80.10


Recently we upgraded our CHeckpoint firewalls from R77.30 to R80.10.

Since then we cannot create backups of the firewall configuration with Cattools (v3.11.4), we receive  an error: "Connect failed:(30044) No available encryption algorithms match with the server."

This is probably because checkpoint has disabled Diffie-Helman-sha1 as stated in the following post:

Is it possible to make CatTools work with a newer algorithm?

Thanks in advance.

Connect failed:(30044) No   available encryption algorithms match with the server.

Thanks in advance

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Has the ssh connection method changed in the checkpoint upgrade?

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No changes have been made in the SSH Method as far as i know besides the change mentioned in my original question, "checkpoint has disabled Diffie-Helman-sha1".

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