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Daily TFTP Backup File History

Good Day,

We have Kiwi CatTools v3.11.3 installed on a Windows server. We have successfully setup a daily TFTP backup of our Cisco ASA FWs with multiple contexts. This was accomplished by setting the following commands in the TFTP job.
Changeto context fw_inside
write net
Changeto context fw_outside
write net


The CatTools server ( receives two files:

The next day, the CatTools job is run again and the two files are overwritten and replaced with two new files with the same name. I am looking for a solution whereby we can have a history of several TFTP backup files, not just the last backup. With other Linux based systems we are able to use the “$date” in the file creation so that each file has a unique name, Example:
Changeto context fw_inside
write net$date
but this is not possible with the ASA operating system.

How can we keep a history of several backup files that are TFTP’ed to the CatTools server?

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