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Level 7

Customized changes to 600+ routers

I need to add a static route to 600+ cisco routers, but each gateway is going to be different.  How would I accomplish that?

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Level 17

you can achieve it through custom properties and config change templates

More Automation in NCM: Usage of Variables and Custom Properties in Command Scripts and Config Chang...

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I don't have NCM.

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Sorry. Didn't notice the forum name.

You can run up a trial version of NCM. It is fully functional for 30 days.

Either that or you need a script to create those 600 files for cattools to do the job.

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Level 15

Please see this link:

SolarWinds CatTools

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I did see this link before, but creating 600+ text files with the command in it would take the same amount of time as actually making the change manually

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Level 12


Can you please elaborate your requirement with an example?



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I want to add a static route to 600+ routers, however each router has a different gateway.

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