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Creating Custom Devices [HPE StoreFabric / Mellanox]

Hi All

I'm trying to have CatTools to backup my HPE StoreFabric SN2010M storage switches.

These switches are rebranded Mellanox switches

So far my first issue was that the enable mode on the CLI was with a space after the "#" mark

I've managed to get this resolved using:


in the created script for this device type.

I have successfully managed to have CatTools save a copy of the running config, BUT, and this is the tricky part for me:

After each 24 lines, the switch sends:

"lines 1-23"

which in my stored config file looks like:

" [7mlines 1-23  [m [K

[K   "

This reoccurs after each normal CLI screen throughout the entire config file.

I'm not at all a script guy - so can somebody give me a clue on how to ignore each 24th line or something similiar, so the running config is cleaned for these annoying lines?

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Level 7

Hi Again

I've been looking into this, as I got quite some error messages.

One of it lead me to a clue:

Did not receive expected prompt after terminal length 0 command

According to the Mellanox help, the Terminal length only allows an int between 5 and 999 for the length - so I set mine to 999

Private Const COMMAND_DISABLEPAGING = "terminal length 999"

As long as the config is less that 999 lines, the issue has been resolved for now

So now it's up to next issue, hopefully I'll get there once, where all goes ok.


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