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Bulk Device password change

Does anyone know if you can do bulk password changes for devices,groups and so forth for either VTY,enable,privilege,console, AAA username/passowrd,SSH username/password. My dilemna is we do password changes on a quartlerly basis and it's a pain to have to manually change each device password for 200 or so devices. I have been looking and could not find anything in the documentation or this forum. I hope this may be an option in future releases.

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Hi Engnet,

Can you clarify for me please whether its the actual devices you want to update the passwords, or whether its the CatTools database you want to update to sync it with your device password changes (or is it both?)



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Hi Steve,

we are having bulk  CISCO and HP devices, in which each devices are  having 3 username (login id's) to login to devices.

How can we change  the individual username and password for bulk devices.

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Which username ans passwords are you wanting to change?  SSH, AAA, etc.

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Hi Bkyle,

  we need to change SSH credentials.

But we  have 3 username (LOGIN ID's) and need to change them separately. Pls  suggest on this

Thanks you

Raghu M

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Raghu ,

To Change both the SSH username and password, you will need to use two different activities:

To change the password, you will want to use a DB.UpdateDevice.Password field activity, and on the Options tab you can change the SSH password:

CT pass.JPG

To change the SSH username, you will want to use a DB.UpdateDevice.Text field activity.  You will want to click on the Options tab, check the database filed, select Passwords\SSH-Username, and fill in the New database value with the password:

CT user.JPG

These will allow you to change both.

Hi Bkyle,

Thanks for the input...

But i have 1 more query like..

Curently i need to change password for 3 different username's(LOGIN ID's).

for example :- 1) username --> sam

                     2) username --> John

                     3) username --> Peter

How can i change all 3 login id's only passwords.

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In this case you may need to use a Device.CLI.Send commands activity.  You can create one activity and modify it using the commands you need to change the account password.  See this link:

SolarWinds CatTools

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         The latter, I want to update the passwords in the CatTools database.

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There are two activities available to update the login credentials in the CatTools database.

To update VTY Password, AAA Password, Enable Password, Console Password, SSH Password, SNMP Read and SNMP Write community strings; you would use the 'DB.UpdateDevice.Password field' activity:

To update the AAA Username and SSH Username fields, you would use the 'DB.UpdateDevice.Text field' activity:

Hope this helps.


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hi, i'm running v 3.0.3

DB.UpdateDevice.Text field does not seem to exist in my activity options?

Any suggestions?

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Hi kev2five,

Please refer to my response to your other posting regarding the DBUpdateDevice.Text field activity and CatTools version 3.0.3

DB.UpdateDevice.Text field does not seem to exist in my activity options



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we have 3 ssh username configured in cisco c2960 switch, how to change password for one username through Kiwi cat tools. we wanted to change physically on switch through this tool

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