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Backup Device Config for Vyatta

We are looking to backup the configurations of a bunch of Vyatta type routers, same as we do for our Cisco routers.  We went plowing through the custom scripts and device documentation and aren't getting very far.  Since the Device.Backup.Running Config activity can backup different types of devices using different commands, it would appear that in the device would where the "show config" commands would be set up.  However, the Custom.Device.Template.txt.custom "script" has a lot more info that we are looking for and then it appears you have to bind together a main and client activity to the custom device?  We are just looking to have something exactly the same as Device.Backup.Running Config activity that will issue a "show configuration commands" for Vyatta instead of "show running-config" for Cisco.  We don't want to learn a new language to write scripts with and if we did, we wouldn't be paying over $200 per year for maintenance as we would then be writing our own software.

Is there a simple way to modify the backup running config activity to be able to work with Vyatta routers?

Thanks much


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