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Aruba OS 8 - device.send commands not working in cattools

We are moving to a new version of ArubaOS (from version 6 to 8). Our current environment is getting backed up via Cattools and works just fine. When we try to accomplish same backups on ArubaOS 8, it does not work. (We are running the latest version of Cattools - 3.11.5)

In the 6.X Aruba environment we use device.send commands to allow us to backup the flash and get the current running config. We then copy if off with via tftp. It is basically doing these commands:

copy running-config tftp: $IP_address $filename

backup flash

copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz tftp: $IP_address flashbackup.tar.gz


If you use device.backup.running config -> it does not get the entire configuration without using the command show configuration effective . Just one of the many oddities of ArubaOS 8 (?). (To clarify, you get the basic config but it is NOT complete. Aruba's new method I guess.)

And if we try to use: device.send commands it also does not work.

Taking the cli commands entered directly into Cattools works when you ssh to the controller and enter them. But they fail through the automated task in Cattools. I Tried debug but it did not shed any light on to the issue, or I'm just not reading it correctly. It appears to login ok but fails to complete any of the tasks.

The debug file does list: 

<R-11:54:41 AM>backup flash
<W-11:54:41 AM>[13]
<R-11:54:41 AM>[10][13]
                                              ^ [13][10]% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.[13][10](ARUBA-NODE) [mynode] #

(But I'm not sure what this really means.)

Has anyone gotten this to work on OS 8? If so... How? Am I missing something obvious?


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Since there seems to be no takers... lets try this:


Has anyone gotten CatTools ver 3.11 to work with an Aruba OS Controller?

Seeing mixed results, with very little actually working, but most things do not.

In particular: Device.CLI.Send commands



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I'd love an answer to this too....

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