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Min/Max receive bps


One question here, we have 1 link connecting to g0/0 port:

this port has 2 sub-interface g0/0.10 and g0/0.20.

so for the Min/Max receive bps of the graph for g0/0:

Does it mean that at one time g0/0 min/max receive bps, its max should be at least the max receive bps of G0/0.10 or the max receive bps g0/0.20?

for example, currently g0/0.10 min/max receive bps at 7:00 AM is 1kbps ~ 10M bps; G0/0.20 min/max bps at 7:00 AM is 8mbps ~ 16mbps

then g0/0 max bps at 7:00 PM is at least 16 Mbps?

our detection is g0/0 max is just 5 mbps.

could you please advise this? thank you.


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