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SWJobEngineWorker2.exe locking AD service account


does anybody know how to fix the this issue?

this service is locking my service account all the time.

on the Solarwinds server -> services this service shows that Log On is set to Local System account, which is I believe incorrect.

Whats the best way to change service account for this service?

10-10-2019 2-20-09 PM.jpg

10-10-2019 2-20-19 PM.jpg

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That service is normally set to run as the local system account, so nothing to change there.  If it's locking in AD there is probably a bad copy of the password in your system

The part that can be painful is checking all the places where creds may have been entered into Orion, this KB goes over them

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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