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Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) support

Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) support

Would like the product to support VRF's as with the designs within the Enterprise arena there is a requirement to track IP address allocation within this environment

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How I did the vrf seperation is create groups for the different vrfs and have the subnets of each of the vrfs in different groups.

We dont have any overlapping subnets, but IPAM allows duplicate subnets however I dont see how automatic scanning would work with this since you just have one IPAM scanner.

Level 16

Assuming non-overlapping IP address ranges simple VRF support is easy, and would be a good first step. think agile: implement the simplest functionality first, then add complexity.

Possible solutions for ICMP scanning:

a) your IPAM scanner could have connections to the VRFS,

b) you could have a service vrf that can reach the other VRFS

Possible solutions for Neighbor scanning:

1. your IPAM scanner retrieves the list of VRFS from the device and then polls the arp tables of each VRF individually.

2. for each subnet specify the neighbor and the community-string for that subnet <- this allows for overlapping IP address ranges on different VRFS assuming the neighbor has a globally unique address.

Is this something that would be road mapped?  Would be extremely useful.

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Yes! This would be helpful in our environment as well. Further, it would be nice to actually see the VRF listed in an address record in IPAM. We too have an environment where inter-VRF addressing does not overlap.

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