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Single view for DHCP Split Scopes

Single view for DHCP Split Scopes

We are using Split DHCP Scopes for high availability purposes. And there is no way to understand that one of the split scope is full or not. Therefore we get no notification/alert from IPAM. For us monitoring DHCP split scopes is more important than creating them with IPAM.

"Top XX DHCP Scopes by Utilization" view shoud fixed afterwards. Lastly Add reservation to multiple dhcp split scope servers simultaneously should be implemented along with this feature.

Example screenshot:


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Would this visualization solve your problem (draft only)?

split scope test.png

the "utilization bars" are not correct. both 50% scopes should show 99% utilization in this case.

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I want to explain what we want with an example. We have two split scopes and their names are the same (EBI) (thanks to our DHCP admin). We need to understand if the scope is full or not. From the picture you shared I can't tell if the scope is full or not. We need to see a red bar which indicates the subnet has only 4 IP addresses left. Maybe you can replace "The % IP space used bar" with IPs left bar".


I understand Mustafa - you would like to also see "available IPs" at row with split-scope container ( correct? the green bar would become red bar (it's wrong on the mockup).

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Correct. Also whenever the whole scope is near full a predefined alert should be generated automatically.

Note: Don't forget to implement Add reservation to multiple DHCP split scope servers simultaneously as well.

how about this one:

this can show you amount of total available IPs in a subnet and also point to the related scopes where the one on the top is the most utilized one

hi, could you review proposal from below?

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I can't see the picture. Is it me or is the picture has gone?