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Shared Credentials between IPAM & UDT (& other products?)

Shared Credentials between IPAM & UDT (& other products?)

I added specific credentials to UDT to discover and import Active Directory Domain Controllers.

Now I want to add those same Domain Controllers to IPAM because they are also our DHCP servers.

But the Windows Credentials I added in UDT are not available, neither are the Windows Credentials I added in NPM.

In my organization, there is lots of red tape I have to go through to get Domain or Server Admin credentials entered into any system where the Orion admins are not the Production Server Admins.

Why can I not enter and use Windows Credentials in one place and have them available across multiple Orion products?

Level 9

I was surprised today when I got into the credentials for IPAM that the credentials sets are not shared through multiple products for anything. We're running NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM and UDT now and it seems that their back end services are not integrated into the main web platform across the board. It is definitely frustrating.

Level 13

This is a big one. A shared credentials storage would be great across all of Orion. It's a pain in the butt to have to go to each product's credentials menus to change passwords for the same credentials.

Level 11

So True! We recently had a Network Admin leave the company, and it was a massive undertaking to change passwords everywhere, including all the different places in Solarwinds products.

Level 8

Or maybe use the Agent. I have my DC's added with an Agent but in IPAM I can't add as a DNS Server.

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Level 8

Having IPAM fall under the Orion Shared Credentials would also allow for automation of account password updates when using a PAM solution. Currently via OrionSDK, NPM/UDT credentials can be updated over API, but IPAM cannot because it uses a different credential type.