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MAC Vendor identification

MAC Vendor identification

We would like the ability to hover over the MAC address and show the MAC Vendor.  Thanks.

update: implemented in IPAM 4.2

Level 13

Great idea!  I use weekly to do this myself.

Level 9

May I have a question here ... how actual should be the MAC to Vendor look-up database?

The daily updated version in text format is here:

As I look at, there is pretty old version of Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) database: Database last updated: February 19, 2010

Ondrej Hruska,

IPAM Dev Team

Level 13

Like I mentioned, I use but I had no idea their DB was so dated.  Thanks for linking to the IEEE page that has the most updated version.  I will be using that moving forward.  You guys should definitely use the IEEE page if you are creating a way for us to look up the mac's from within a SW product.

Sohail Bhamani

Loop1 Systems

What problem do you need to solve here.

What is the difference between information about Vendor or OS in a case you would make IP as a manage node in IPAM vs. lookup into MAC vendor database on


Level 13

For me this is something to keep me from using an external site to see what vendor this mac came from.  This helps in identifying devices and all.  This would be a nice to have time saver.

Sohail Bhamani

Loop1 Systems

Level 12

for my situation it would help our Support Center.  For instance:

Our printers are statically assigned.  We have a problem with  Lantronix boxes loosing their config when there is a power outage or when someone looks at it incorrectly.....and then it pulls a dhcp addy.   If they could easily sort the list using the vendor then they could find the one that is in the DHCP scope.

There are other advantages but that is just one.   I know they could sort using 00:80:A3 but for some, remembering those numbers off the top of there heads while on a call is a little much.

Level 13

THe ability to d/l the latest uid DB and also receive notices of when are updated

ALso the ability to use a local uid DB in conjunction with vendor DB .

THis would allow use to use devices that we need to change from the burned in Mac

Level 8

Mac vendor ID on UDT would be perfect.

Level 14

Similar thread for UDT. So it is better the add these votes together.

Level 14


I tried to explain in here.