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IP request form

IP request form

It would be nice to have a link that I can give to my users/customers that would give them the possibility the fill a form to request an IP address. They would have the possibility to fill several fields like machine name, person in charge of it, the subnet they need, etc.

IP managers would receive email alerts about a request and have the possibility to log into IPAM, acknowledge the request,  reserve the IP and fill some fields with the data the user entered. The user would then receive an email with the information he was asking for.

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+100 .

We are looking for something like this.

Level 7

That's a great idea. This would save us a lot of time.

Level 8

We are looking at something similar, we want to automate the creation of a subnet + VLAN that can be just SQL injected to the database

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This would be a great help.  We have many VLAN's and a request system for IP addressing would be nice.

I included this in a request to the product managers also would be nice if enterprise operations console included this feature as well


Great idea. I am have been looking for something similar for a while now. Hopefully SolarWinds will implement it.

Level 8

This is a feature that we view as a requirement at my new job. I desparately want to purchase Solarwinds products for this environment and this is the type of feature that could have us lean one way over another. We currently have this feature in IP Plan and are looking at alternatives.

Level 16

You could build your own if there was an API into the IPAM product...

In my environment this sort of thing has to come in through a request record rather than some one-off system inside the network management platform, so not much use here.

Level 8

SW, please make sure it works with IPv6 as well as IPv4.  Would need 2 separate fields.

Level 9

Please add this.  We are currently using a SharePoint workflow and Excel spreadsheet to do this.