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Custom properties exist in IPAM and NPM

Custom properties exist in IPAM and NPM

I have NPM and IPAM integrated however, I have the same custom properties created on the individual nodes/interfaces (for alerting) and also on the subnet/IP information for IP tracking.

It gets tedious to upkeep the same custom properties in two different places. I'd like to see the same list of custom properties exist in both IPAM and NPM so they can be managed centrally.

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I've already been complaining trying to bring this to SolarWinds' attention. See my feature request here

It's like the developers for each component of SolarWinds all function in a vacuum and don't talk to one another. The database could be so much cleaner if they simply shared a pool of data. IPAM is specifically why I wrote this in the first place. I've already feed NPM/NCM my credentials for monitoring the devices, why do I have to do it again in IPAM? i have various SNMPv3 creds per location, but IPAM wants me to put in creds to cover everything.

Please go vote on my feature request. Let's bridge the gaps between the modules!


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I think some set of universal custom properties would be awesome!

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It's long overdue that the custom properties for IPAM be brought up to the standards of the other Orion components.

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bmallon​ and byrona​, I think you will be please with what we're working on.... specifically the line about "migration to Core custom properties".

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this has already been implemented.

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