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Bridge the gap between modules

Bridge the gap between modules

If I'm actively monitoring a device and have entered in the hostname, IP, SNMP creds, etc in NPM and NCM, then why can't IPAM get any of that info? Can we have IPAM (and other SolarWinds modules) share a little data? Why does each module have to be an island unto itself having to rediscover things that have already been discovered before in other places?

Why would we want SolarWinds to do twice the polling of devices and store the same data multiple times?

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Logical, a common discovery process across all Orion modules feeding back into NPM, NCM, IPAM could reduce network overload.

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I really wish I had a way to upvote this thousands of times..... This request would do so much for so many people that have already put information in by hand in other modules or have already found out most of the relevant info from doing a discovery in another module

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Exactly. The system has to do twice the work to gather data. All that additional SNMP traffic polling each device is also an issue. It's like the developers for each product just don't talk to one another. Like they have developed their app within a vacuum. If they just allowed the system to have a shared pool of data it would be more efficient all the way around.

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Let's not forget about this....

ALL of SolarWinds would benefit from less polling and fewer database tables. C'mon folks.

Better information sharing between all SW modules would REALLY bring my team some relief. 

For example, when we were already monitoring a Cisco ASA with NPM 12.0.1 and NCM 7.4, once we upgraded to NPM 12.2 and got all that cool new ASA Insight, we had to check a new box when adding or editing an ASA in NPM, and MANUALLY enter in the user name and credentials for the advanced monitoring.

The problem with that is those same credentials are ALREADY  in NCM for the Global user & credentials, and there's no option to simply select them from a dropdown menu.

Even snmp strings are selectable from a drop-down menu--we don't have to enter those in manually into every field.

Yes, I support the concept of sharing credentials and information between Solarwinds modules strongly!


Very strong case to consider - not just the discovery process, credentials too ..

Bridging the gap will bring about the following -

  • Reduction in network traffic caused by polling, rediscovery
  • Reduction in DB tables (size and thereby IOPS requirements)
  • Overall Performance improvements

Bump.  This cannot happen soon enough for me.  Even with a time machine.


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Wake up everyone! This affects YOU as well.

Better SolarWinds performance is at hand. If they share just a few tables, we would have less polling required across components, and the DB would perform faster.

How this isn't already a thing is nobody's guess.

Let's vote to get this done.

(Unless your SolarWinds environment is super fast and your network has no problem with all the extra chatter... then you can ignore this one.)

Don't let the inertial dampeners fail by not getting your opinions about them letting modules share information between each other to Solarwinds!

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Bump... just bringing this to the forefront for the afternoon folks out there.

This is a good thing.

I found out it takes 100 votes before SW even considers a feature request.

Vote. Tell your friends.

Let's do this