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Add Palo Alto Firewalls as a source for IPAM

Add Palo Alto Firewalls as a source for IPAM

Orion IPAM doesnt appear to be able to get IPAM info from this firewal.. Would be great if this was possibe

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I use a Palo Alto firewall as the DHCP server for guest networks. I would like to be able to pull the DHCP leases from it.

Level 8

I have 60+ sites which normally use Windows DHCP servers, but temporarily may use Palo Alto firewalls for DHCP. Losing visibility of leases from the firewalls is a big deal for my organization.

Level 10

We are moving our scopes to Palo Alto for DHCP and need to be able to monitor as well, really need this functionality!

Level 9

We use global protect for client VPN and it would be nice to see what the scope looks like

Level 9

We currently can not see the layer 3 MAC Addresses for  the subnets recently moved to Palo Alto firewalls.  We were able to see these when the layer 3 lived on our Cisco Routers, but due to security reasons, we have had to move all our POS traffic and subnets to the Palo Alto Firewalls.  The ability to see the layer 3 MAC addresses from the Palo Alto firewalls in one interface is extremely beneficial.  We have had to learn a new tedious process to find these MAC Addresses since we migrated to Palo Alto. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting

Received another request for this today from our customers.