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What We're Working on for IPAM (Updated June 4, 2020)

The latest release of IP Address Monitor (IPAM) is available on​ and in your customer portal​. See the IPAM 2020.2 Release Notes for a comprehensive look.

You ask, we listen. Many of the top features being worked on in IPAM are generated through your feedback - specifically your votes in our IPAM Feature Requests​​​ forum and your participation in our Feedback Sessions.


Here's what the IPAM Team is currently working on:


  • UI Design Refresh - refreshing aesthetics and updating the workflows for the Manage Subnets and IP Address page
  • Workflow - Adjusting workflows and needs-based from UX Sessions within DNS, DHCP, Subnet, and IP address pages
  • vRealize Automation Support - critical bug-fixes to improve support for VMware's cloud automation platform




We actively refine the product roadmap to solve your problems. Participate in Feedback Sessions​ for THWACK points and personalized input into the future of NPM. You can also submit and vote on IPAM Feature Requests​.

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I am very interested in seeing improvements to the IPAM API, specifically the ability to mark IP's as "Used" or "Reserved".

Could you also look at system centre orchestrator integration as well?

Can I upgrade IPAM from 4.1 directly to 4.3 without any issues?

I had originally posted thisHEREbut thought I would put the question here also for visibility.

Hi, Is there an ETA on the ipam api and being able to reserve IP's via this method or a tool like vCO? This is very important to a project I"m working on.Thanks!

My team is very excited on seeing IPAM api to include CRUD operations. I just hope it allows at minimum IP and DNS. Multiple DHCP reservation is also very nice. loving the updates ..KEEP IT UP

Please add subnet search for true enterprise support

The search of subnets need to improve.

Also we need to search on the customer fields that is not possible today.

Id still love to see the ability to handle non-option 60/61 items better, especially when using non-windows DHCP servers(cisco).  Having to make reservations in two places =

If the functions make it into the API, SCORCH should have no issues calling them. It can use the SOAP and Rest calls directly

It would be great to scan inside of VRFs when discovering new subnets directly from the router.  Right now when I scan a router which has multiple VRFs it only lists networks that are not part of any VRFs. 

It would be nice to be able to export the ranges as one spreadsheet.

‌hi, can you please give an update on an eta for this? I have to find out when this will be ready. If not any time soon we have to come up with another solution. 1 month? 2 months? 6 months?

I would love to, but I really can't. We never communicate such ETAs.

One of the reasons we are moving to another solution. We can't wait for an API to appear someday.

+1 for VMware Orchestrator Plugin.  InfoBlox has had this for a long time and we are looking at switching to their product without this functionality in SolarWinds IPAM.

IPAM needs an APE compatibility for devices that are not local to the core server. I have seen other threads on this, so the user community would like to see this soon if possible.

In the same vein (search), it would be nice to be able to search DNS records.  Preferably, with wildcards and regular expressions, like the current competing product we use allows.

Does anyone know if this is on the radar? It seems to be a huge win for anyone wanting to automate their new builds.

what about dns connection towards amazon route 53?

I see plans to support an API has been dropped; I am disappointed, but at least can reach my decision gate.

We would like to have Notification Report about  IPs that change their state: from used to available, from reserved to used, from available to used, from used to transient  etc...

VRFs are common place in any enterprise network, this would be a major time saver.

I agree with kwameb87 and patelkr2.  This would be a huge improvement to IPAM.

Yes, this would be useful to us too.

We need Solarwinds IPAM to be able to scan VRFs when will this feature be in the next release?


We cannot comment on future plans beyond the content of this What We Are Working On post.


We need better searching ability....  

Is this being actively developed? My renewal is coming up soon.

1. IPv6 support

2. Better licensing that works with IPv6.

We are working on the items mentioned in the original post.


I just had the requirement for this so I will raise it :

"Did the request for historical trending of subnet / scope usage ever get included?"


I noticed that with NPM 12 coming out, there were also updates to NCM, UDT, and VQNM which are the other modules we run.  Is there anything coming for IPAM in the near future?

It would be great if you can add DHCP Option 150!! i see it has been requested for years...

There's a distinct lack of features being worked on here. But there are all sorts of feature requests that have lots of votes. So what's going on exactly? Is SolarWinds not actively working on this product anymore beyond bug fixes essentially?

Yep! We're working on extending API support! 

In addition to extended API support, we're also starting work with VMware integration.

What exactly do you mean by

  • Extended API support ?

Would that imply Read/write access to IPAM using the API? Currently the access is Read only. That would be most helpful give the, let's say, limited import options. 

Also, is there a ETA for this action?


are there any planes to implement the improvemts of the post "Allow IPAM custom fields to be made mandatory for adding a record" and it's comments which is there since 2013?


Yes, you are correct !   I just updated the page with a little more details.


Are you working on implementing TLS 1.1/1.2 support as with all the other modules already have done?

IPAM is the only module preventing me from disabling the legacy protocols

Source: TLS Compatibility with Orion Core Products - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Another question - are you working on support for IPAM understanding IP usage within Microsoft DHCP Superscopes?


ANy idea if you are working on the IP Request Form???? IT is been voted on multiple times as a needed item.

Any news about vRealize Orchestrator integration?

Please add possibility to update IPAM nodes through SDK.

As you can see from the roadmap above, we're working on it!

Per our roadmap, we are working on extending our API support. Can you provide more details/examples of what you would like to see?

I would like to be able to reserve the IP address in IPAM using API:

Described here: Update IPAM records using Orion SDK - not supported?

@sizgiyaev, Yes, we are working on providing this capability for you.

Glad to see that SQL 2016 compatibility is on the agenda, been gearing up to migrate to SQL 2016 but IPAM is the only thing holding me back.

Thanks a lot,

Will it be a part of next version?

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