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IPAM UDT Integration Script

                              *THIS SCRIPT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY SOLARWINDS*                  

                                             Requires IPAM 3.0 & UDT 2.5               

This script was written to pull information from different Orion Modules and aggregate the data in the IP Address Manager interface.

It provides Switch and Port information from UDT including links to the UDT details pages

Updated and split into individual scripts for each module and added some additional powershell troubleshooting screen shots.

Tested on

NCM 7.1.1

IPAM 3.1

NTA 3.10

UDT 2.5.1

This is a work in progress so i appreciate any suggestions and feedback!!


Very handy script that gets maximum from your IPAM & UDT installations at the same web console.


Is there any chance of a video demo? we don't currently have UDT but think this script could help me sell the product showing how easy it makes finding port and additional information for specific IP addresses.



good request. I'm working on blog post that will show you more details and "how to". stay tuned for more.



My SW sales engineer sent me an email about this post. I have not tried this out yet, but I will in the near future. Assuming it works like the screenshot shows, this will be a bad a$$ addition to our SW deployment.

Even without showing our desktop support people they feel this would be good! 

I have installed this in our Dev environment and worked like a charm. However, when I installed it in our Production server, I ran into a issue.

Everything runs well until the scripts gets to the NCM portion. I am getting the following error, when running the script in PS. I have not worked with the Orion SDK before, so I don't really know where to start looking.


Working on NCM

Get-SwisData : The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Security.SecuritySessionClientSettings`1+ClientSecurityDuplexSessionChannel[System.ServiceModel.Channels.IDuplexSessionChannel], cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.

At C:\ipam\IPAMDashboard.ps1:545 char:23

+     $NCMData=get-swisdata <<<<  $NCMSwis "

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-SwisData], CommunicationObjectFaultedException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.ServiceModel.CommunicationObjectFaultedException,SwisPowerShell.GetSwisData


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What version of NCM? Also is NCM on the same server as the rest of the modules?

NCM version 7.1   {EDIT: correction. I am on 7.1.1, which is why the NCM portion of this script does not work. }

Yes, NCM is installed on the same server as all other modules.

I pulled the following select statement out of the IPAMDashboard.ps1 script, as I believe this is where the script is failing.

I tried to run this query in the SWQL studio, and I get the exact same error, in a popup window.

SELECT ncm.NodeID,





  from Cirrus.Nodes as ncm


  Cirrus.ConfigArchive as ca


  ncm.NodeID = ca.NodeID


  IPAM.IPNode as ipn


  ipn.IPAddress = ncm.AgentIP

SW error.jpg

Try opening SWQL Studio and selecting v2.  Let me know if that query still fails.  I ran into the same thing which is why i connect -v2 for the ncm queries in the script.  I also split the scripts into individual products so i will be posting an update shortly anyway.

That is the option I choose when I opened it. Wasn't really sure which to choose, and that was the default.


I know this is an "unsupported" script, but if you have the time, I would be more than happy to do a GotoMeeting with you, so you can take a better look. I hope that this will be come a standard release, in some newer version, down the road.

We really want to use this script. But currently we are using NCM v7.1.1, UDT v2.5.1, IPAM v3.1 RC2. Please support this OoB or support for the latest versions.

Thanks for your effort.


I an running similar versions as you, and am also running this script. Everything works fine except for the NCM piece. So the only thing that you loose is the ability to link directly to the switch config, from within IPAM. To me, that's not too big of a deal. All the other information it gathers is still very useful.

One more thing. We are going to ugrade our SQL server. From 2008 to 2012 SP1. Do you think it will work on SQL 2012 SP1?

That hasn't been tested by me yet, but i'll see if i can find the time to try it out next week.

Hey CJ,

I just download your latest version, with the script split into multiple files. The NTA and the UDT scripts working, but not the NCM. I am getting the exact same error as before (see my post above, from Nov. 6).  I am running NCM 7.1.1.

hrm... i actually built a brand new server and installed NCM 7.1.1 to make sure that part was fixed...  I'll reach out to you this afternoon and we can take a look.

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