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IPAM 4.3 Tool - Importing large number of subnets.

This is the latest IPAM tool provided to me by Solarwinds that will automatically populate multiple subnets with their IP addresses. I had over 1500 subnets that I imported into IPAM 4.3. The subnets did not have their IP addresses included so i ran this tool which in turn populated my imported subnets with their range of IP's.


When I use this tool and try to connect to my IPAM server, it says "Exception Occured: No SWIS proxy layer available.".

Hi Robert, You get this exception when you run the Add IP tool on a different server where IPAM is not installed. Try running the Add IP tool on the same server where you installed IPAM, this will fetch you results!!

Thanks so much for sharing, this tool gets the job done.  I can see with the rationale that the IP addresses wouldn't be populated automatically due to potential licensing issues. I am unable to comprehend the fact that an option to populate imported subnets isn't built into IPAM in the first place. This could be a button that can be clicked to populate individual subnets, or even a check box to select when importing subnets. This would allow users to specify which subnets to populate in case there are licensing issues.

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Excellent tool... worked first time!


is this application work with IPAM 4.3?

I tried to run app on main Orion server with admin credentials but I always got a "Exception Occured: No SWIS proxy layer available." error.

Any suggestions?

same here

i suspect that you have a host-based firewall. copy the tool into one of the directories that you whitelisted as part of the original Solarwinds installation (Plan your production deployment - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support). if it still doesn't work, run it as an administrator.

Looks like this tool is not anymore working. I am using IPAM 4.3.2

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