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Level 7

Wish List

Dear Santa,

Please bring me the following in IPAM v1.1

  • The ability to filter small blocks (/30's) tracked as a resource in IPAM but not needed as a top ten notify on web-page (I HATE RED!) when all host in subnet are allocated or reserved
    • Tried manual never scan etc. 
  • NPM Custom Property Integration 
  • Traps
  • Separate import export functionality for low level users who need to export IP's without granting power-user status
  • Much better subnetting of parent IP blocks (i.e. a class C carved up for loopbacks, or 30's) - rather than create new subnets, keep the subnets within  a parent IP (no matter how big or small the parent bits are) with the ability to create subnets within that block.
  • The ability to report on container groups
  • The ability to filter IP's by groups
  • The ability to filter groups of IP's and then assign them to user accounts within Solar Winds web accounts (example - I'm an international shop, I want my London folks to only see those IP's I've cataloged as belonging to London, and Asia Pacific, Asia pacific IP's)
  • A pony
  • and a plastic rocket

PS - If any of Santa's elves can answer to these points now, thanks for that

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Level 7

Wish List:

The scanning interval GUI is horrendus.  Get rid of the touchy slider and let us just type in the times we want to scan.  Also, give some flexibility.  Maybe I dont want my scopes scanned on Thursdays.  Who knows.  But the slider should go.

Why, everytime I make any change to an IP, after the change loads,  I am directed back to page one of my range?  This is frustrating.   After I endit an IP on page 5 of my range, I would like to stay on page 5.  Not go back to 1.


IP Range -

Adding an IP range works perfect.  Deleting an IP range is torture.  Unless I am missing something, to delete an IP range, you have to manually select the IPs in the range.  Why cant the delete work jsut as the add works.  Just type in my starting and ending IPs, and choose whether to delete or add.

Multiple selections:

PLease fix the multiselect option.  Right now, I have to click in the ROW, hold down shift, then click in another ROW to select all rows in between.  What are the checkboxes for?  The multiselect does not work when using the checkboxes.  weird.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.      

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Good feedback, thank you.  Most of it we already have documented within our system

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Level 7

I have a pretty simple request (I think).

I prefer to use the subnet address for the Display Name of the subnet, so that I can quickly scan all the subnets in the left pane and find the one I am looking for.

The problem is that IPAM does not list the IP subnets in the correct order in the left-pane.  For example, a /24 subnetted into /29's should look like this: /29
.... /29



IPAM lists it like this: /29 /29 /29
... /29

As you can see, the subnets get jumbled up.

Also, by default, the right-pane orders the subnets in the same way.  However, you can click on the Address column and it will re-order the subnets correctly.  It would be nice to have a way to define the default ordering method/column for both the right and left-pane.

Just getting started, will be back with more!

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I said I'd be back, but didnt think this quickly:

When adding a new subnet, by default, IPAM marks the First address and last address as Subnet Address and Broadcast Address respectively (as it should).  However, only the Broadcast  Address is marked as "Reserved".  The Subnet Address should be "Reserved" as well.

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Let me look into that, completely agree and I will file a defect.

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Level 7

  • When editing idividual objects within a scanned subnet, completing the editing returns the to the first page of the subnet.  
    • it would be nice to stay on the range (page) being edited, it saves the user from scouring through supernets finding the particular resource they were editing when done.


  • Please add a "Do not ask me again" check box when editing an ip resource

          IP type from dynamic to static user managed

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Terrific feedback and for sure noted.

I can say # 8 is high on my hit list for the next release and other items listed above we already had on the list.  I would like try pry into a couple of these items further.

Traps - what are you thinking here, just filtered intergration with the Orion Trap view?

Reporting on contrainer groups - I  assume you mean categories?  Do you have something specific in mind you would like to report on?  

Keep the feedback coming!!

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Traps is the wrong word,


I'd like  the ability to generate a filterable event within Solarwinds Alert Manager.  When a scope reaches a certain threshold, a scripted event of some sort would then take place. That would lend itself well to work flows as an admin receives an email regarding DHCP scope and modifies excluded/reserved IP's based on usage to relieve the pressure.

Reporting on container groups - group being the key word. So my IP "tree" has the master high level group, with child groups for each region of the world, DMZ's, CIDR's, Public IP, Management networks, wireless networks, available networks, transport networks, and loopbacks within it.

Having the ability to pick a group from my tree and generate a report on it (any available report) would be swell.

And yes, for what SWis asking for this product,  you can bet I'll be keeping the feedback coming.

Again, the ability to subnet a given network and have it remain in it's parent group without having to create individual networks separately would be really handy. You could add a tag under status for those IP's lost to subnetting when the parent IP is carved up.



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I'd like to add that the user integration should allow specific users to be assigned to specific groups and that they can assign IP addresses in those groups but not be able to edit outside of those groups.

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Got it, already high on the list for a future release

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Hi Brandon and others,

Am running the IPX-version of IPAM, and have some questions / wishes / comments as well. My list is absolutely not complete, but here are my current entries:

  • cosmetic one: when a scan completes, report it in the logs as (say) 3m15s instead of 3.25 minutes;
  • have a tab called 'View subnet scan status'; now we have to go to the managed ip-subnets, select a subnet, click scan and then 'View subnet scan status'; imho this could be a global option and suitable for a tab of its own;
  • make the chart view clickable; now it says xx transient adresses (for example); would be nice to drill down on those adresses;
  • link SNMP credentials to subnets; we are monitoring subnets for 35 customer LANs, and in that case it would be good to provide SNMP credentials per subnet, instead of globally;
  • when scanning remote subnets, at the moment it is not possible to find the hostnames for the adresses, as IPAM does not know the DNS server to be contacted; again, in our case we're monitoring numerous customers subnets, and those subnets are of course not named in our DNS; so it would be nice to provide IPAM with a DNS server (per subnet, and optionally) that it should contact when monitoring remote subnets;

Think this is it for the moment.
Overal, IPAM is a real cool tool, and I am really happy with all the feedback that is posted here on thwack, as well as with the support and comments that SolarWinds offers here!

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Thanks for the feedback Rene, this is good, I have noted these items in our internal tracking system.

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I would like to see an option to turn off color coding of a subnet's status on a subnet-by-subnet basis.  In the current release, if you have a small subnet used for a WAN link which only has 4 addresses, it is marked in red as dangerously full.  Since there is no need for any other devices to be added, having it be red just makes it difficult to see the real problems--especially if you have many of these subnets.

Maybe a check box to turn off the color coding for that subnet and allow the color to be white or pale gray?

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I agree, or add a value field that doesn't count against availability metrics.


I have many 30 transport networks scattered across my network.

Peter Cooper (of SW) was kind enough to walk me through the custom field entry from the subnet property page.

We created a field called "Purpose" (which I then populated), and applied a filter  to the top XX report that excluded any subnet with pupose field applied.

It has removed the 30 bit networks from my top XX reports.

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