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Why we are not monitoring the SNR value of wireless device in solarwinds ??

SNR is the key parameter of wireless device why we dont have that OID by default ??

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Are you talking about the SNMP discovery of IPAM (since that is where we are in the forums)? Or more broadly about Orion? If its a node in NPM or somewhere else you may want to add device specific monitors, but generally speaking the "deafults" are things found on all network equipment, and you can add waht you prefer to see after that. In IPAM, I don't know that there is much to alter, its basically just trying to give you an idea of what's there from the SNMP scan.

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No. Am talking about SNR Signal noise ratio of the wireless device OID: (bsnMobileStationSnr) If the SNR value is high then communication will affect even though signal strength is high.

Why this parameter is not monitor in Solarwinds ?

Compare to Cisco Prime we dont have much visibility in solarwinds for wireless devices. We are using different licensed tools for monitoring the KPI's of Wireless device and the clients connected to it.

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So if you just want to say that you don't like it, I hear you. But I am just a user on a user forum, I can't tell you why because you aren't asking the people who made the choice, although I expect its because SolarWinds products supports a wide array of vendors and products, and what people expect varies greatly. They default to very common elements and let you add what you want if you need it.

But typically this isn't a space for complaints, and even though you likely should have selected a better forum, such as Network Performance Monitor which is the SolarWinds module that actually does monitoring of network devices performance, if you want help we need some details. What model device do you have? What Orion modules do you own?

Edit: I forgot one thing, you can request features:Network Performance Monitor Feature Requests
Be as detailed and specific about what you want, and if the community supports the request, the developers will take note and prioritize it.