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Who wants better IPAM importing?

Do you want importing to be better in IPAM? Specifically, do you want to maintain your hierarchy with Groups and Supernets? This is the place to tell us more about it. I am happy to talk directly with anyone offline about this as well.

The best posts included details information about what you want and why. The better we understand what you are trying to do, the better we can make this process.

For those of you who are willing to provide example spreadsheets, that is the best way for us to understand exactly what you are trying to do. If you would like to share, then let me know and I will contact you directly offline to get this.


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I have also seen requests for IPAM to have the ability to attach to a router and grab its route information by SNMP.  This is a good idea, but there needs to be some sort of filtering mechanism so that you can prevent the importing of routes you don't want.  For instance, our core routers have over 350,000 routes in them - I probably only need about 2000 of those routes.  Being able to filter based upon subnet during this process would be ideal.

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I assume what you saw was a reference of importing to the IPAM tool, then exporting from that and importing to Orion IPAM. This is mainly for customers who are using the free tool or the tool in the Toolset and are migrating to Orion IPAM. However, for other customers, this is a way to get more data into IPAM. Obviously, this is not ideal which is why we are spending time on fixing importing directly into Orion IPAM.

Thanks for the offer of a GoTo, I will contact you offline about this.

Automatic discovery of subnets from routers is interesting, but we will probably not get to it on the release we are currently working on. We are focusing on the users who already have large spreadsheets or homegrown systems and want to transfer that data into IPAM. When we do add this, your filtering request is a great suggestion.

Great feedback! Anyone else?


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Thanks, Mav.  I'm available any time today if you want.  PM me to set up a time.

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