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Which orion instance to install IPAM

Do you have a suggestion on which Orion instance we should install IPAM?

One is a 100 user instance that runs NetFlow.

The other is the main unlimited instance of pure Orion.

Which should I install an IP16000 on?




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Product Manager
Product Manager

What are the spec's of the boxes?  Do both machines have access to the hosts you want to scan or DHCP server you want to scan?

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Sorry for late reply.  Doing a network cutover.  Both boxes are the same.  VM with 3GB memory.  Both can scan and access DHCP.  Just didn't know if it mattered.  I assume from your question, is the machine with the most processor left.

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Yep, machine with the less load the better on both the Orion server and on the DB side.  NTA can be more DB intensive.

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