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What we are working on post IPAM 3.1

It's been a while when we released IPAM 3.1. For those who are interested in, this is the content we are currently working on:

  • Support for BIND DNS management and monitoring
    • create, edit, delete DNS zones and DNS records for BIND v 8.x and 9.x
    • define BIND DNS zone transfers
    • monitor BIND DNS service availability
    • monitor BIND DNS zones status
  • IP Address conflict detection in both static and DHCP environments.
  • Integration of IPAM with our UDT product via subviews. ("Phase 1" integration with UDT - columns on "Manage subnets & IP Addresses" is something you may see in IPAM 3.1.1 service release)
  • Working on adding more DHCP options (6, 15, 42 82, 66, 67)
  • bug fixes and other smaller improvements


Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are base on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time!

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Hi guys,

those of you that have a little bit of time to help us validate polling of DHCP options, we've prepared new IPAM beta - you may quickly subscribe and get the download links .

thanks for your time,


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IPAM 4.0 beta read & contains BIND DNS monitoring and management! Everybody is welcomed to give it a try: IPAM 4.0 Beta ready - BIND DNS, IP Address conflicts, Port & User information

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IPAM 4.0 is now officially out for a download/upgrade.

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After I saw your reply to Mustafa, I logged into my Customer Portal to look for the new IPAM download.  The portal does not have IPAM v4.0 yet..., so, I guess I will check again later.


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i tried to d/l the latest version, but I can also see 311

i called the support and they sent a message to the iPam group asking was it was not on the external web. they told me that they can see it on the inside web sitsite

when will it be on the external site?


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hey guys, could you please send me ( your SW IDs? We may have some problems with customer portal.

thanks and I'll try to fix it ASAP.

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the problem is fixed now. Please check you Customer Portal Accounts.


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Many thanks for correcting the issue; I already downloaded IPAM v4 and begun checking out the documentation. So, thanks again!!!

By the way, the Home page on the Customer Portal still shows “Orion IP Address Manager v3” and the View downloads link for IPAM still reads shows v3. This may be confusing to some folks, so I suggest for this to be corrected as well. This will avert having even more customers asking for clarification on the availability of IPAM v4. Just a thought….


Edwin Santiago

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Hi Edwin,

you're right and I am working on changing this "IPAM v3" description. Now you have both (v3 and v4) downloads available and I agree, that the description is now confusing.

Kind regards,


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That's great news Michal. I can't wait for the new "What we're working on" list.

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Level 21

Any chances the User Auditing will be added to this?  I would with the DNS management for BIND in the works it will be important for us to see who makes changes to DNS records.

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We have some wishes for IPAM:

1) Searching by name\IP of network.

2) Audit user actions.

3) Get hierarchical view of networks. It's not so clear to understand what i mean, so i'll try to explain it:

We have a lot of sites and we use folders staructure.

Sometimes we need to add new network on some site, and we whant to know what networks are free?

So i want to see all networks in supernet /16  for site_55 and get what networks is free.

I can't do it in IPAM now, so i have to open every folder.

It would be nice to get hierarchical view of all networks in one supernet or in one root-folder or may be all networks at all.

I mean view without our folders structure, just with IP networks.

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I am using reports grouped by subnet and parent super net/group/sitecode and placed on a page to provide the functionality you are requesting. If you set the URL for each field properly (including ${ParentID} for Supernet or folder) then it's easy to find what you are looking for and just clicking the subnet to open it in Manage Subnets and IP Addresses view.

Let me know if you want help but it's all possible with regular fields and not SQL.

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Level 11

Options 046 (wins), 128 (call server info), 191 (vlan info).

Is IPAM close to having another release soon ?


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Level 13

OPtion 150 for Cisco phones pls

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Level 7

Adding support for Cisco CNR would be great 🙂 I noticed you asked for anyone using Cisco Prime - does that mean, you're not looking to support CNR ver 7.x ?

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CNR support is also on our list but currently it's a minority of our users so we would like to cover the bigger "half" first. But it doesn't mean we would ignore your request.

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Level 13

Love to see ISC DHCP as well as ISC BIND DNS.

It is our goal to manage the loopback / management IP of all of our networking devices using DHCP/DNS separate from our "user" DNS/DHCP.  Our goal is to configure items such as Option 66/67 -  TFTP server and Config file for automatic switch deployment and RMA..  Also use Option 82 to fix IPs on ports.  We will use a unique subnet for management, and a "" domain name for lookup.

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got it - it's a current priority for us (BIND, ISC DHCP)

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Level 8

I was going to post a Feature Request for IPAM to detect DHCP conflicts in Cisco, i.e. 'show ip dhcp conflict', but is this already covered by your second point - IP Address conflict detection in both static and DHCP environments?  We've had this recurring issue in situations where we can't scan the subnet with IPAM but obtain information from DHCP extractions, however DHCP conflicts are not checked and therefore unavailable IP addresses are shown as 'Available' when in fact they aren't until we clear the conflicts.

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