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Level 12

VLan sorting

Hi all,

I have just noticed that since upgrading to IPAM 1.5 when sorting by vlan id it does not sort by number correctly eg 1,2,3 it now sorts 1,11,12 ...... 2,20,21.. etc

Anyone else having this problem?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Matt I assume you are sorting based on a column header in a subnet?

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Hi guys,

Yes its the column header at the subnet level.

I'm pretty sure i could sort by vlan id before 1.5 and it worked ok. (surely a vlan is a numerical id)

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Level 11

Hi Matt -

The VLAN ID is actually a text field.  Sorting text fields that contain numbers will produce the results you are seeing.

As a workaround, you can left-pad the numbers with zeros, and then they will sort properly.  Just be sure to include enough leading zeroes to accommodate the number of VLANs you actually have!






Hope this helps.  Nice avatar, BTW.

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