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Level 7

Trying to alert on IP address changes - any ideas?


We have an issue with our server team regularly changing server names or reassigning IP addresses to new servers without telling us in the network team.  This has led to many FW objects now being inaccurate in the FW rule policy...

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how I can get IPAM to alert me (preferably with an email) when a host either gets assigned a new IP address, or the DNS name changes?  I'd want to do this only on selected server subnets.

Any ideas would be welcomed - the simpler the better (I'm new to Solarwinds and its deeper functionality).



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Level 11

This was helpful, thank you.

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Level 7

I see this is over a year old. I am hoping that there was a solution for this since I am also in search of an alert when a new IP address comes on line

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Level 12

This might need to be a feature request. I'd love to have the ability to monitor changes as well.

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Level 8

I am looking for the same kind of alert, i would like to notified when a server ip address changes

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I am looking for a solution as well.

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