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Subnet bulk add Not added to correct folder/group


I'm trying to make a bulk import of subnets into a preconfigured folder/group, but it doesn't work. No matter what I do, bulk added subnet ends up root and not in the folder/group I selected.

Drag and drop subnets to correct folder is NOT an option as I need to bulk add more than 4000 subnets into the same folder/group.

Any good ideas ?


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If you export the structure XLS, you can see the ID and Parent ID of the existing groups/subnets that you want to add your new groups/supernets/subnets into. You can then add your 4000 subnets into the structure XLS and update the Parent ID column to match the ID of the parent group/supernet. Importing the spreadsheet should then automatically place the objects in the correct group.

E.g. in this lab instance I exported the structure, added some new subnets and a group (rows 9-13) and assigned the ID of the parent into the ParentId column, then imported the structure back in.

  • Create 3 subnets and put them in the Test 192 Network supernet  (yellow)
  • Created a new group under the Test group (orange)
  • Create 1 subnet and put it in the new group (blue)



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This seems more to be a work around than a solution

If you want to create a complicated group structure in one go, it's the way to go.

If you are importing everything into one group, if you have that group selected then select Import Structure, it should put all the subnets in that group (tell the import to ignore ID / Parent ID)

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I'm definitely not trying to make a complicated structure. I just want to bulk add subnet and have these subnets added as supernet. 

Please see attached what I'm trying to do 

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As far as I know, the only way to bulk add supernets via the GUI is importing via the spreadsheet. Other options would entail the API or directly editing the database.

The option to "Move new subnets into the smallest appropriate supernet" is in the Bulk Add Subnets wizard which creates subnets, not supernets. With it checked, it will move the subnets into any appropriate supernets you have.

So in your second example (in the doc) where you create the supernet, you can use the Bulk Add Subnets wizard to add a bunch of /29 subnets and they will automatically be placed in the /24 supernet.

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Thanks for you reply. Then it's just me that have misunderstood this function, but thanks again for the clarification 🐵

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I can't believe you can't move subnets between hierarchical groups in the UI, the work around seems a bit dated. SW if you are seeing this comment please make this change. Just a simple added feature. 

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