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Solarwinds IPAM automatic request approval

Does anyone know a way to automatically approve an IPAM request, hopefully via alert?  What I am looking to do is to block off all the IPs in IPAM up to a certain octet in IPAM and set them as "used" and we have remote contractors that need to be able to set DHCP addresses in the last portion of the subnet using solarwinds.  Unfortunately they sit there waiting for us to approve the IPAM request before they can do their part.  We can give them access to request IPs via that interface, but that is all we can give them.  

So what I am looking for a is way for them to be able to put in a request and get an IP right away without having to wait for someone on our team to hit approve.

Is there any alert that we can set to take the status of our request and automatically kick it into processing?

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