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Rediscoverying Network Devices


I am new to SolarWinds, and learning something new everyday.  I have inherited a large network with hundreds of devices that are being monitored via NPM.  Many of the alerting network devices do not need to be actively monitored.  That being said, is there an efficient way to remove a large number of network devices to prevent them from alerting, and generating unnecessary emails, etc?  Is it possible to go through the discover process all over again (i.e. for the entire network), and manually select the network devices that I want to monitor?

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So the quick answer is yes. It just depends on how down and dirty you want to get.

Technically you could go to Manage Nodes and select any devices you don't want to monitor anymore and DELETE them. That will remove them from the system and any historical data related to them will be purged from the DB.

You could then run a Network Discovery using IP Subnets, AD etc and when the discovery is complete you can then go in and select which devices to import.

The other option is you rebuild your platform and start again only discovering what you know you want to monitor... OR run a new system alongside the existing one which runs discovery and you make sure you have full coverage on the new system before you turn off the old one.


Hope that spurs some ideas 😉

- David Smith

Thanks for suggestions.  I really appreciate it.

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