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Pulling a list of all IPs in a subnet

Hello, I've only been using Solarwinds for ~3 weeks and just last week figured out to to auto-scan our network for all devices in a certain subnet. I can search by the first three octets and pull up 70 devices, but I'd have to click through 10 pages to get a list of all the IPs.

Is there a way to generate a report that lists all the IPs on one page?  To my knowledge, we're not using IPAM (as all of our addressing info is in a spreadsheet).  I need this list so I can log into each device and see which devices are Cisco devices (it doesn't appear that these devices have snmp configured, as all that is showing are the IPs). 

FYI: We are using the Web-based version of Solarwinds.


Any help is appreciated,




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